Alice Dark - BentAlice

Sophia stood quietly with her head down and watched as Mistress Alice moved the equipment. Sophia’s heart pounded her Mistress pulled the padded bar under the light and then moved it slightly several times.

Mistress Alice turned to her pet. “Stand on it now,” she said.

Sophia moved forward and did as she was told. She stepped up onto the little platform and rested her elbows on the bar.

Mistress Alice stood behind her, moving Sophia into position. “Grip the bar firmly,” the Mistress said, as she pulled Sophia’s skirt up and tucked it into the girl’s belt.

“Perfect,” Mistress Alice said, as she stepped back and admired her pet.

Sophia barely heard her Mistrees. Her mind was already beginning to drift in anticipation of what was about to happen.

Mistress Alice laid out several canes on the table. Sophia peeked over her shoulder to watch without moving from where…

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Alice Dark - BentAlice

“You’ll find this school to be different from others that you’ve attended,” Alice said. “We’ve developed our own system of taking care of young women.” She looked directly into Amanda’s eyes – held the girl’s gaze with her own.

“Please understand me, Amanda. We get many students like you. Young girls who’ve lost their way, and have problems with authority and school. They’re not really bad girls. There’s no such thing. But these girls have disciplinary issues. Girls who have sent to us by parents or the authorities, because they’ve given up on them.”

Alice smiled, but there was no humour or warmth in her face. Rather, it was merely a showing of teeth. “They send the girls to us that they may learn discipline. Humility. Self-awareness.”

Alice licked her lips and let her gaze stray to Amanda’s breasts, where her bra was clearly visible through the thin cloth of…

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